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Distinguish Yourself As a Creator with Authentication

By Audiomack on

Are you a creator? Let the world know.

Audiomack For Creators provides creators with exclusive access to free tools and services to help build their career. To join, apply for authentication today.

Authentication is the first step in the Audiomack For Creators program, a requirement in order to become a verified artist and monetize your music, and comes with exclusive benefits that are free to all creators:

Distinguish yourself as a creator.

Authentication unlocks the gray check badge for your account, which separates your creator account from listener accounts. The gray check indicates you are a serious creator, whether you are an artist, producer, podcaster or other.

Instantly notify fans when you release content.

Send all of your fans a message. Authenticated creators gain access to automated notifications. Audiomack will immediately notify your followers with a push notification as soon as your new release drops.

Submit your content for trending consideration.

Audiomack’s trending charts are the premier location for creator discovery. Authenticated creators will gain access to our new trending submission tools, which allow you to submit your new songs, albums or podcasts for a chance to be featured on our Trending charts.

Gain access to our creator services.

Audiomack is constantly equipping creators with new free tools to help their careers. Authenticated creators gain access to our growing list of exclusive creator services, including our monetization program AMP.

Who is the creator program for?

Authentication is exclusively available for artists, podcasters, and other creators who want to share their original content on the platform. By proving to Audiomack that you are who you say you are, we can offer you features that only artists should and will have access to. Authentication is not available for publications, blogs, tastemakers, or other curators.

How do I get authenticated?

To be eligible for authentication, a creator must:

  • Have at least two (2) uploads

To get started, go to your Creator Dashboard and click “Apply Now” in the top right, or follow this link. Then, accept the terms, which confirm that you:

  • Are a content creator
  • Own the rights to distribute and upload all of the content that currently exists on your profile
  • Will not upload content that you do not own the rights to, and understand that in doing so, a violation of our Terms of Service, you may be banned from the Creator Authentication Program
  1. Verify Your Email: Confirm the email address associated with your Audiomack account. Authenticated creators will also be enrolled in our creator email newsletter, which includes updates on new features and services and special content to help boost your career.

2. Complete Your Profile: Completing your profile not only helps us validate your identity for authentication, it also helps turn listeners into fans by giving them insight into who you are as an artist.

  • Profile and header pictures. These are the images new listeners will associate with you. Use high-quality promotional photos if possible. Note: Authenticated accounts must have a profile picture.
  • Name and user handle. Make sure everything is spelled and stylized correctly to make it easy for listeners to find you.
  • Label and hometown. Let us know where you’re from and who you’re representing.
  • Website URL. Where can listeners find out more about you?
  • Short biography. Tell us a little about you and your career. What do new fans need to know?
  • Genre. Selecting the genre you are most commonly associated will help make your music easier to discover alongside similar sounds.

3. Authenticate Your Socials: Linking your social media accounts helps validate your identity as the creator of your content. Connect as many accounts as possible, but you must connect at least one. Right now, creators can link their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

4. Review & Confirm: Prior to submitting your application, make sure all your information is correct. Then, scroll down to confirm and complete the application process.

Next, simply await approval of your application. Our approval process can take between five (5) and seven (7) days. Please be patient!

Why was my authentication application denied? Why was my authentication removed?

To be approved (or to remain) as an authenticated creator, you must upload only content that you own the rights to distribute and upload. Violators will be banned from the Audiomack For Creators program, and their content will be removed from the platform.

How do I get more plays?

Want to apply for authentication but don’t currently have 1,000 total plays on your content? Here are some helpful tips to get your plays moving in the right direction:

For all questions or concerns regarding authentication, verification, or the Audiomack For Creators program, head over to our Help Desk where you’ll find more in-depth information!

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