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How to Upload a Song to Audiomack

By Aliyah Lopez on

To move music forward, you must put your music out there. Whether you have one track or one million, Audiomack has you covered with our user-friendly upload system and unlimited storage for your music, podcasts and more.

Got it? Click here to upload a song now.

First, though, you must have an account. Before getting started, be sure you’ve signed up and completed your creator profile; this way fans can match your content to your persona.

Uploading a Song to Audiomack

On desktop, click the orange Upload button in the top right, or on mobile web, go to My Library and then click the orange Upload Your Music button in the center of the screen (make sure you are signed in).

Select the Song option.

For uploading an album or EP, click here.

For podcasts and other audio, select Non-Musical.

For instant podcast uploads using our RSS Feed Importer, click here.

Browse for your song file or drag and drop it into the upload box. Make sure your audio file is one of the supported formats (MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF, OGG, or M4A) and is the right file size (up to 250MB).After your music file(s) has uploaded, add cover art and complete all of the song details, including artist name, song title, featured artist(s), producer(s), and tags. Make sure to select a genre tag, up to two subgenre tags, and a mood tag. Why are tags important?

Next, fill out your song’s metadata. Enter a song description to let listeners know what to expect or to promote yourself or your music. Is your song part of a larger project? Note the album name. Do you have a music video or promotional video for your song? Enter the YouTube or Vimeo URL.

Lastly, choose your release type. Here you can set up private or promotional links, set a specific release date in the past or future, add a purchase link, and edit your track’s URL to make it easy for fans to find and link out.

Click Finish to complete the upload process and you’re done!

Click here to upload a song now.

Once the track is live, be sure to share with your fans on your social media accounts.

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Artist Guide

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