Trophies: Celebrate & Share Your Achievements

By Aliyah Lopez on

You earned your plays. It’s only right that you celebrate them.

Our latest feature, Trophies, is your new go-to marketing asset customized just for you and your achievements! When you release music, Audiomack will be the first to tell you when fans are listening, engaging, and playlisting your work. Whether you reach 100 re-ups or 1,000,000 streams, Trophies amplify your wins and market your success to the world. Use them to showcase your progress as a creative and mobilize your fans to join you.

Showcase Your Success

Trophies allow anyone (creators, curators, and listeners) to share milestones associated with music or podcasts. As a creator or curator, select a trophy that best represents your success—including number of plays, favorites, re-ups, playlist adds—and screenshot to share everywhere.

Did you just get verified as an artist or tastemaker? We have a special trophy just for you, too.

Mobilize Your Fans

Harness the true power of Trophies by telling your fans to join you! Everyone has access to Trophies for any song, album or playlist, so it’s important to connect with your listeners and have them celebrate your achievements with you.

Be creative! Start a contest to get your new single to its next milestone by asking your fans to share Trophies until it gets there. Add a hashtag to make it easier for fans to connect and share your latest trophy.

Your fans want to see you succeed. They are just as excited about their favorite song or album running up the charts. Trophies help them show their support.

How to Share Trophies

Download the latest update to the Audiomack app, upgrade to version 5.6, to start using Trophies now.

For any song or podcast episode, click the Share button on the Now Playing screen on the app. For a playlist or album, you will find the Share button on the page of that particular playlist or album. From the Share menu, select Trophies to see a list of your milestones.

Choose the trophy you’d like to highlight and screenshot. Be sure you hide the trophy menu to capture the full image. From here, you can share via your social media, or even send directly to your fans and/or peers.

Nice work! The world can now celebrate your achievements with you.

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