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Why Audiomack World Matters: A Letter From the Editor

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Learn more about Audiomack World here.

If you’re reading this, there’s a high chance you are not a casual music fan. You are a true fan. A fanatic. You have an appetite for music discovery, music industry insights, and a desire to learn more.

You believe in the power of editorial, and you’re always putting your friends on to new artists and hidden gems across genres. You’re a reader and a viewer as much as you are a listener, and your love for music colors your world.

That’s why Audiomack World is for you, the empowered and informed music fan.

Now available in the Audiomack app, World is the editorial arm of Audiomack, but it’s so much more than published interviews with established stars. Audiomack World gives you the universe surrounding the music you love—from the most exciting local scenes to worldwide movements, from Bubbling talents to #UpNow stars and beyond—while covering music from around the globe.

World draws the shortest line between artist and listener. It shares the stories you need to know, and puts them right next to the music you need to hear. It’s the evolution of music journalism, changing the way we consume and appreciate music writing.

We created Audiomack World to be a hub for the hungriest music fans, and a space for artists and creators of all calibers—at every stage of their careers—to express themselves and connect with fans. While the blog era has long since vanished, Audiomack World ushers in a new era in digital music consumption, capturing the spirit of music discovery we all remember from our days of scrolling through websites, downloading premieres, and building out our libraries.

On World, you’ll find an array of content: Audiomack original series, artist feature interviews, exclusive playlists and roundups of the latest and greatest, and advice from industry insiders and creators themselves to help upcoming acts navigate the platform and the music industry at large. Whether you are an aspiring rapper, an Afrobeats superfan, or a producer churning out beats in your bedroom, we want World to be the place you go when you’re looking for new music content.

Editorial matters. There is so much music being released into a void right now. One of our goals with Audiomack World is to provide the rich context behind that song you just can’t get out of your head, the context surrounding that artist you think is up next, and the true story behind that overnight sensation who’s actually been grinding for years. Audiomack World is about the humanity behind the music. There’s a person on the other end of your headphones, we’re dedicated to bringing you and the artist closer together.

Audiomack World is available now in the Audiomack app, and we can’t wait to have you visit.

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