Imagine Dragons Whatever It Takes (Oddcube & Arcando Remix)


VXII Radio

Trap Nation Premiere:'d like to introduce you to Oddcube and Arcando"Whatever It Takes" by Imagine Dragons has always been a favorite, the band itself is one of the greatests and so having such a perfect remix is a must!the intense vibes that slowly grow with the intro's progression work so well with the lyrics, the drums used in the breaks just intensify it so much more by creating a "war anthem" type of section that freezes anyone listening to it with suspense and excitement. The drop! oh this drop is so haunting ....A dark, melodic and unique lead that is followed by an impactful brass, a powerful and prominent bass that creates goosebumps with its vibration and beautifuly placed vocal chops makes this so addicting it's driving us crazy!VXII Presents "Whatever It Takes" Follow Oddcube: Follow Arcando:
  • Producer: Oddcube & Arcando
  • Release Date: August 29, 2018

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