CMC$ & GRX X's (RudeLies & Conor Ross Remix)


VXII Radio

We'd like to introduce you to Rudelies and Conor Ross. An end of the season hit is what we're releasing today! An iconic and unique colorful remix that automatically puts a smile on our face every time we hear it. Rudelies and Conor managed to perfect what CMC$ and GRX already made into a piece of art by serving us with the same verse we've heard before, this time with a faster tempo, added elements such as guitars that were layered with their own signature sounds and a completely new drop that could slay any festival stage across the world! A funky drop accompanied by an uplifting melody, unique lead, impact-heavy kicks and vocal chops, all mashed together into a masterpiece! VXII Presents "X's" ▶ Follow RudeLies: ▶ Follow Conor Ross:

  • Producer: RudeLies & Conor Ross
  • Release Date: September 20, 2018