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Pegassi Push It


Pandora's Box! NYX understood that where the box held evil, it also held good. This understanding allowed NYX to befriend the Box and through it receive the world's most valuable treasures. One night as she sat beside the box she heard a rumbling from within. As she got closer she heard something that sounded like knocking, and then a faint whisper saying ‘push it, work it’. Excited by what lay within, she sprung open the lid and out came the most captivating array of sounds. A heavy bassline, complemented by a sturdy kick made even the air bounce. Carefully placed upon it was a mystical melody which moved up and down, creating the feeling of a wave that gently swaying back and forth. Looking down at her friend, NYX smiled knowing that together they had just released Pegassi’s ‘Push It’

  • Album: NYX
  • Release Date: