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Future Class & Pump Gorilla Drive Me Loco


In the still of the night, NYX calmy wandered through the quiet woods of Greece until she intercepted a far-flung droning sound. As she moved closer, the rumble turned into a deep bass rhythm, accompanied by a mesmerizing hymn and it drove the goddess crazy! Hypnotized and enchanted, NYX moved closer towards the sound and caught two familiar faces glaring at her in the distance. The heroes by the name of Future Class had returned to Mt. Olympus to please the gods with a new work of art. The brave duo brought along two friends, called Pump Gorilla - and together the foursome traveled all the way from Brazil on a quest to bless the mortals with a fascinating tune called ‘Drive Me Loco’.

  • Producer: Future Class & Pump Gorilla
  • Album: NYX
  • Release Date: