Sally Boss Madam My Black

MY BLACK is Sally Boss Madam’s third offering after 2 years which is taking her to a new level as an artist, producer & vocalist, as she transcends into a new dimension & takes fans on a new musical journey. My Black is not just an album but a statement, empowering love, self-confidence and also tackling social & political issues around the continent. Sally Boss Madam comes out bolder in this offering & holds no bars. The album is a mixture of urban sounds, Afro Beat & Namibia contemporary elements, which makes it a beautiful presentation of work. She ends it off describing her pride in her culture and colour as an African. She teamed up with producers such as Kamera, DJ KBoz, GinaJeanz, Zesh & Shafa. Buy the album on itunes now.

  • Producer: DJ KBoz, Zesh Domingo, Imms Nolau, Kamera, GinaJeanz, KKetu & Shaf
  • Runtime: 55 minutes, 15 songs
  • Release Date: November 29, 2017