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Roshin Unrequited

  • Feat. Noam


Unrequited is a story about love & loss. It's a story of depression and resilience. Most of all it's a story of learning to love yourself. The arc of the album starts us from Roshin's earnest perspective on 'Dennis Rodman.' Our protagonist understands his artistic value, though he struggles with putting himself in front of people. This theme of desperation to 'show up' through anxieties and frustrations is recurring through the album. Roshin's penchant for emotional honesty comes through on "At my Parent's Again" and "Beyond Me," in which we're given a two part story documenting the ugly but necessary end of a toxic relationship. Songs "Desperately," "Only One" and "Out of Mind" have Roshin recognizing (painfully) that he's chasing a love deep enough to make him feel good about himself

  • Runtime: 31 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: