Qualmes Pick Me Up [Prod. By SoundsbyCOOP]

  • Album: Direct Deposit 2014


Enter the rancid mind of Qualmes as he showcases what surrounds the gray matter consisted in the depths of his cerebrum, with the latest drop 'PMU (Pick Me Up)' - a phrase some of you may already be familiar with if you follow the man on social networks (@Qualmes). This particular go-round he welcomes back @SoundsByCOOP, whom much like Qualmes, under no circumstances disappoints with his production. With drugs & alcohol being the focal point of 'PMU', The Black Gringo light beams the expression of needing a lift, or in this case being picked up, as a result of the overconsumption of intoxicating substances we've all learned to love and attach ourselves to. Whether you consider yourself as a weekend warrior or habitual user - we distinctly urge everyone to turn up responsibly to this reco

  • Producer: SoundsbyCOOP
  • Album: Direct Deposit 2014
  • Release Date: April 16, 2014