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Phinoshey Sun From Kibera


captivating fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul and Lo-Fi styles is eminent in his new album 'Sun from Kibera' . In this album, he gives the audience a deeper understanding of life’s physical, mental and spiritual nature in 16thoughtfully selected songs. Not being one to shy away from contemporary matters, he addresses themes such as corruption and police brutality in 'Mr. Officer'. From this album, we get a deeper understanding of his upbringing in the ghetto and how it helped in shaping his perspectives about life in the 'Streets' & ‘Mtaa’. He also shares his hopes and aspirations, through a poetic narration of his life's journeys and the people around him as in 'Dreams' and 'Memories'. Throughout the album, he encourages positivity despite hurdles in life as in 'Come-up' ft. TRM among others

  • Runtime: 40 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: