M-Josh Abacha Loot



Super talented afrobeat singer M-Josh releases another hit track entitled ABACHA LOOT. Produced by M-Josh M-Josh Biography M-Josh is the new Afrobeat sensation who managed to usher that analogous rawness of Fela’s Afrobeat in his digitally rendered music. He blends Majek Fashek’s groovy wobbly left and right Kpangolo skanks, with Fela’s oratory hand gestures, cascade of direct interpellations, and figurative speech rooted in the colloquialism of the masses. He was born on the 17th of May 1984, as Joshua Chukwubikem Matthew. By the age of 4, M-Josh was already in love with music. He and his peers formed their own singing group, using makeshift instruments created out of anything with decent resonance. He subsequently joined the Association Of Sacred Heart Band playing guitar and drums an

  • Producer: M-Josh
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