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Mai Moxi NYMPHAEA 睡蓮

Mai Moxi

Nymphaea is a celebration of the authentic self, feminine energy and blooming into full form. This album is Mai Moxi's 1st formal introduction of her true self: a proud Cleveland, OH native with West African roots. From hard hitting trap beats to R &B ballads to Afro-Beats flair, Mai Moxi shares her most authentic self throughout 14 songs. This album features notable artists such as the Bay Area's own Lil B the Based God, French-born and New York-bred artist of Congolese descent, Young Paris and many more. Notable producers on this album include Nate Fox, HOLY, Givtyd and more. Mixing and mastering done by Cleveland's own Shad Hitz.

  • Runtime: 48 minutes, 14 songs
  • Release Date: