Robby East Off The Deep End

  • Album: Future House Music

Future House Music

As the song starts, you can subtly hear birds chirping in the background and upbeat chords which ooze warmth and positivity. A beautiful vocal descends upon you and creates a wholesome feeling that you didn't know you were capable of experiencing. All the while you can feel the energy rising, as all of the moving parts of the song begin to build towards something special. Then, like the final piece to a puzzle, the drop kicks in. Bringing the same energy that he brought in ‘Trouble’ Robby East unloads a melodic future trance drop which ties together the whole song. As a final touch, staying true to his classic vibe, you can hear a violin serenading you ‘Off The Deep End’.

  • Album: Future House Music
  • Release Date: July 24, 2020