NGTY All Night

  • Feat. Cally Rhodes
  • Album: Future House Music

Future House Music

The song starts off with a mesmerizing compilation of sounds which engulf the listener in a wave of warm lower frequencies. Cally Rhodes' voice then complements the timbre of the track in such a way that one completely loses themselves in the deep house feeling that is beginning to emerge. Then the kick begins and immediately gives the track spark of energy which foreshadows what the drop has in store for us. Then as the drop finally hits, it’s everything you could have wished for. The dark bouncy melodic bassline, 4 to the floor beat, seductive vocal gives the track the edgy titillating feeling that we all live for on a night out. NGTY’s ‘All Night’ is a reminder of the good times that are to come.

  • Producer: NGTY
  • Album: Future House Music
  • Release Date: November 20, 2020