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Fatherdude You Wont Let Me Run

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New music today on Deathrocket Records Produced by Stint You Won't Let Me Run - lyrics When I was alone you were somebody that I didn't know I was somebody you wouldn't want to know Looking at me like I'm your long lost lover Whatcha want from me? I'll be no good for you at all Never knew you'd be this good for me I can't imagine being with anyone You carried me in my weakest state and if I try to walk away... You Won't Let Me Run tie me down you won't let me run oh, listen you won't let me run When you get to know a part of somebody, open up the hurt Loving someone so hard you can't hide it It's very hard for me I don't deserve you anymore Whatcha want from me? Could have had any other Every day with you I spend is never long enough, baby And anytime away from each other the universe stops and stares Deathrocket Records 2019

  • Producer: Stint
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