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Elveektor Take My Hand

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Another single off the incoming Ife Nwoke album, Elveektor and Ogranya teams up to tell us a popular story... "As you maybe heard from your parents, sometimes when a man loves a woman very, very much, he puts his joystick inside her, they hug real close, and voilà! Nine months later, a baby is born! What they maybe didn’t mention is that sometimes, when a man only likes a woman a lot a lot, but the man and woman are focused on their careers or, you know, making rent on their studio apartment, he still carelessly spills his magic baby-making potion inside her inner-thigh vortex and voilà! An immediate and swift panic attack is born. And also, sometimes, when a man is intoxicated and knows a woman hardly at all, but don’t worry, he’ll pull out…' - Siobhan Rohen (GQ, 15th July, 2014)

  • Producer: Exe
  • Album: Ife Nwoke
  • Release Date: