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Ejay Mallard Connections


Ejay Mallard

Everyone knows February is really when the new year begins, and with a new year comes new music from Houston R&B songbird Ejay Mallard. Still flaunting his bucket hats and signature red balloons, the self-proclaimed “Heisenberg of R&B’ returns with “Connections” — a Timberlake-esque sound carried by smooth synths and bouncy percussion from producer Phoenix Element. “Connections” finds Ejay questioning if his current budding relationship is “for real” or is Ejay’s cinderella merely swiping left and right through her many options. Serving as the 1st single to Ejay’s upcoming project slated to pop out early Q2 2021, Connections’ surely sets the foundation for a new sound and new experience delivered by Ejay Mallard. As our Heisenberg continues to cook up in the lab, give Connections a listen

  • Producer: Phoenix Element
  • Release Date: