Dru Bex Strange Days, Long Nights

Dru Bex

Dru Bex is back with his third full-length album with production from go-to heat makers, Jeremy Rodney-Hall and Quinten Coblentz, along with bangers from Cardec Drums and solid up and coming producers, Hayes and Jaae Kash, SDLN boasts Dru's usual penchant for solid collaborations, this time including the likes of V. Rose and reggae legend Papa San, all coming together to create a darkly painted canvas with moments of brightness, sonically reflecting the fact that so many of us feel like we're living in scary and uncertain days full of anxiety. For many of us, It might seem like we are going through one long, sleepless night, but Dru hopes to remind us all that joy comes in the morning!

  • Producer: Jeremy Rodney-Hall, Parris Chariz, Hayes, Jaae Kash & Cardec Drums
  • Runtime: 41 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date:

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