RJ PAYNE, Ruste Juxx, Uncle Murda, Big Flip Papi, M-Dot and much more Tha Invasion Pt. 2


DJ Flipcyide is back with Tha Invasion Pt. 2 with some of the dopest new real Hip Hop Artists and producers out there today. Who says Hip Hop is Dead when you got artists and producers with heat like this featuring Hell Razah, Neighborhood Creeps, Yung Has, Cory Flook, Black Grim, Brixkz Da Boss, Craig G, RJ Payne, Ransom, Innocent, Big Flip Papi, Uncle Murda, #1Gunna, Dax Mpire, M-Dot, MultipleBlastOff, Nutso, Wudan Swordsmen Taiyamo Denku, Son em all, Reks, BoFaat, DINCO D, SHAMELLO D, Caos, Mayhem (of EMS), P-Ro, Pete twist, J Scienide, Kaimbr, DJ TMB, Sum-01, Lxvndr, Grand Surgeon, Ruste Juxx, DJ Gobling, Frank Knight, Commander Flame, H4Z4RDOUS, G-Yancy, 777 (Pruven & Vast Aire), Cuban Pete, OneMike, ThaKiD, Milly Jane and much more

  • Runtime: 70 minutes, 22 songs
  • Release Date: September 4, 2020