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Roscoe Dash 2.0 DJ Fly Guy Presents: The Appetizer (No DJ)

DJ Fly Guy

Roscoe Dash 2.0 & Dj Fly Guy just teamed up to feed the world 'The Appetizer' and are now giving it to those who appreciate the song without skits, talk overs, and drops. Was also hinted off that Dash is also dropping other projects such as Dash Effect 2, 2.0; the album, a documentary called The Untold Story of Roscoe Dash & a soundtrack to follow up with it. I'd say this mixtape we have is indeed an appetizer for the main courses that are to come.

  • Producer: Blame Ronnie, Don Cannon, Mike Maven, KB, The Colleagues & & J9
  • Runtime: 75 minutes, 21 songs
  • Release Date:

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