Dave Zup Moss

  • Album: Moss - Single

Dave Zup

Dave Zup originally wrote the chorus to “Moss” as a short poem that he intended to keep private. However, Zup felt that the words took on new meaning in the wake of global protests against police brutality that were triggered by the murder of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020. The rapper/producer began to reimagine his poem as a song after attending a demonstration in Seattle, WA. The song’s singular verse is derived from a conversation about white privilege that Dave had with a family friend. He attempts to highlight the need to become a better ally by unlearning what has been taught by a system that is clearly broken. Although “Moss” is not meant to be lazy or boring, Zup's beat was purposely crafted with “no gimmicks” to evoke a feeling of wooziness in the listener.

  • Producer: Dave Zup
  • Album: Moss - Single
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