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Bri Smilez Prodigal Son

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Bri Smilez

The Prodigal Son in the bible is a parable that Jesus gives us to demonstrate the love He has for a wayward son. How no one is outside His reach or His grace and His sincerest intention is to see all of His children venture back home, no matter what condition they are in. That no matter how far we have traveled outside of His covering, He is always awaiting our return with open arms. We as humans tend to presume that the world has something greater or more glamorous to offer us than being under His protection. We leave, we stray, we fall without His light & inevitably get lost. It's only in that moment do we remember what it was like to be under the shadow of a Fathers wing.

  • Producer: Ahmod “Mod G” Goins, Lil Sharp & Jack Red
  • Release Date: