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Alley Boy No Vouchin



Alley Boy has been quietly churning out bangers this year. His latest features Edgewood upstart & street favorite Don Ace. Atlanta producer Gutta Hitz provides the hard-hitting soundtrack as Alley & Don clarify where they stand as men. No need for co-signs & fake n*ggaz tryna vouch wit the same mouth they dis with! As always Alley Boy confronts the issue directly & aggressively: "Where I'm from n*ggaz slangin poles for it/some lame shit, niggaz gettin exposed for it/Niggaz aint really real n*ggaz changin over for it - but I'm havin blessings over blessings I'm overboard!" When he passes the mic to the fresh-faced Don Ace, the rest of the picture gets painted in the same melodic fashion as the younger Don spits: "Had to run me up a check, hitting licks we known for it/Ya know I'm coming out the trenches I ain't rocking Tom Ford/Now a n*gga lit I'm buyin shit I couldn't afford/I to

  • Producer: Gutta Hitz
  • Album: Alley God
  • Release Date:

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