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Zj Liquid Point A View

Zj Liquid

As a Disc Jockey, Liquid is known for his eclectic ear and working in a radio structure that requires him to play a different genre of music every half hour, definitely cultivated that artistic openness. When we inquired about that transferal of that eclecticism to this album, Liquid affirmed that “All my albums have always experimented with different genres because I am a lover of music overall and not just Dancehall.” Liquid’s strong sense of artistic independence has not disillusioned him from understanding the value of collaboration with other producers and artists to make Point A View a masterpiece. It’s no surprise that Liquid produced 50% of the album but he still emphatically praised his peers who contributed to the project. “I work with my cousin Minto Piere a lot. He is getting a

  • Runtime: 48 minutes, 16 songs
  • Release Date: