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Zarion Uti My Arahya

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Zarion Uti

Zarion Uti’s My Arahya is an invitation into the artist’s complicated world. The singer takes listeners on a journey of heartbreak, internal struggles and chasing his dreams, all the while being focused on a singular imagined hope that is a reality to only himself; his Arahya. This reality is what guides the music on the tape, and what has allowed the artist to overcome disappointment through hope. For the first time he’s being vulnerable, showing his fans that there’s more to him than just being ‘the life of the party’. Featuring afropop, afro r&b, as well as elements of trap and amapiano, Zarion demonstrates his range on this project and establishes himself as one to watch on the music scene.

  • Runtime: 22 minutes, 8 songs
  • Release Date: