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Zarin Micheal

FOREIGN BOY is me introducing a new more polished sound to the listener- it has like 3 acts starts off hype then fades into the “relationship/in my feelings type bag”, then ends off back with a bang. U get introduced to who foreign boy is with italia being first track and it transitions to the problems and messiness of women around him based off the lavish life he wants to live. (Ik I’m talking 3rd person but das Bc i really see this sht like a movie, life don’t feel like life to me anymore, each day is jus a different scene). Next 5 songs after are me displaying the love for my girl me saying look ik other sht comes with this, but i really wanna build with you and grow as a man with you. So it ends with me coming back to reality, ADIOS- I don't know what true luv feels like.

  • Runtime: 32 minutes, 10 songs
  • Release Date: