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Kheengz Pedestal EP


Extended Play (EP) of King Bawa aka Kheengz is finally here. It's been a long time coming, trust us, it was worth the wait. What's so special about the EP? That might probably be the question running through the mind of many fans right now. Well, the EP as expected is a total break from the norm coversant with Nigeria hip-hop today. For fans of Kheengz, the best is always expected and received as desired. "Pedestal" is the title of the EP which is an eight track project. Simple, interesting, concise and a masterpiece. I hope y'all have your data, headphones and attention ready to enjoy the Pedestal EP. Production credits : Producers- Maazid, Zayne and Music Nerd. Sound engineers- DJ Steev, Blaise and Mbeatz. Happy listening!

  • Runtime: 31 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: