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YK Designer Asa Mana Ganga

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YK Designer

A sa mana Ganga is no doubt the right song to get people's mind off the current situation they are going through, it's a song that will put you in a mood to want to party all day. A sa mana ganga produced by Amude Booth is the second official song he has produced for YK Designer after the successful release of Fata Na. The style and concept of A sa mana Ganga is something new coming from YK Designer who is mostly known for his style of cool songs. YK Designer who at the moment is working on his EP, whose title is yet to be revealed has proven himself over the years that he is not just good in Graphics Design, Animation, Videography and Photography but also a name to reckon with in the Hausa HipHop Music Industry. Contributors on the track: Dabo Daprof Ill'em Boi Umar OT

  • Producer: Amude Booth
  • Release Date: