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Yogii Gossip



Continuing his push for a place in the game, Yogii releases his fourth song in six weeks! This time he brings along QC affiliates Lil Baby and Marlo; along with a strong endorsement from the Streets A&R O.G. Bigga Rankin. The song attacks immediately with Bigga proclaiming his hate for gossipers. As the melody comes in, Yogii is right on top of this HD produced banger. "I've never seen so many 'gangsta' niggaz gossip! He pillowtalkin' ya prolly think that he ya podnuh" you can hear the disgust in Yogii's voice on this "fuck ya if ya hatin" track. Marlo comes right in with a no holds barred assessment of his credibility and loyalty. Gossip is closed out by QC's newest minted superstar Lil Baby. Follow Yogii everywhere: @y6gii - All inquiries:

  • Producer: HD
  • Album: Picasso
  • Release Date: