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xxxsensation #ImRidinBikesInYoHood *clean*



donate to end domestic violence: mixed & mastered by @degh in chicago, il shop the "I NEED SENSATION" collection: LYRICS: Bro I'm Ridin' Bikes In Yo Hood ! What the Heck is up, You Buttercup? Nailed that sick jump, hitting glorified bunny hops Ride for women’s rights — I donate—and it adds right up How you don’t practice BMX? Look, I've had enough Post with my bike and babe, this is carbon framed AYE ! Head In that Helmet, son, safety’s number one ! Quit all that talking smack, do this stuff for fun Mess ‘round with these wheels, aye Shred some tricks - POP A WHEELIE ! Ride for my girl and my dreams ! AYE My tricks are tight and extreme, AYE Bike through your hood, AYE Defending women’s what’s good GIRL ! Anger is m

  • Album: BEFRIEND
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