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xxxsensation YuNg CaTz *clean*



donate to end domestic violence: mixed & mastered by @degh in chicago, il LYRICS: [Intro] Bro’s on my block with that box right now Pop me a squat and indeed, get right down She wanna ? X Wanna ? You wanna lick my finger with what ? Nice Like my finger with that little sandpaper tongue, huh ? Hi, my name’s Declan ! What do they call me ? Lion in kitty skin [Verse 1] Try me, might buy, feed milk on sight Kitties heavy, fat tyke Good golly, I Like I got paper, paid twice And my yung catz nice And I do unite, Ride my bike for women’s rights [Dramatic Scene] FADE IN *bicycle bell rings* X: Oh my god this is the cutest cat! I’ll take two. Bro: (holding box) Oh, two cats? X: You know what, here’s twice the money you need. Bro: Oh, you don’t need— X: I’ve got to

  • Album: BEFRIEND
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