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Watch Comethazine Get a New Tattoo and Talks BAW$KEE Lifestyle on Audiomack Ink

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack Ink gives you the inside scoop on Comethazine’s first and most painful tattoos, and all things BAW$KEE.

We’re back with another episode of Audiomack Ink, the video series where Audiomack takes our favorite artists to Nice Tattoo Shop, to get the lowdown on their current tattoos while getting them some fresh ink.

On this episode we have St. Louis rapper, Comethazine, whose two years in the rap game have turned into millions of streams and a real chance to eat off this rap shit. Comethazine started rapping at 17, and soon after began his addiction to recording and subsequent rise in hip-hop.

Comethazine’s first tattoo reflects that work ethic: a tombstone that reads “There better be a studio.” His mom wasn’t a fan, but the messaging rings true. “She know I love music,” he explains. How could she stay mad?

“Today I’m gonna get a BAW$KEE on my arm,” Comethazine tells us. “BAW$KEE is like my gang and shit, it’s like a lifestyle. It’s not really a word, I made it up… If I do something dope, I just be like, ‘BAW$KEE shit,’ you feel me?” More than a lifestyle, Comethazine also has fashion collaborations in the works with the likes of Pink Dolphin.

Check out the full video above to see Comethazine’s new tattoo and hear him discuss his most painful pieces.

If you like what you saw, make sure to check out the full Audiomack Ink serieson Youtube.

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