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Listen to Nesta’s “Poison”: Re-Upped

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Welcome to Re-Upped, Audiomack’s new editorial series dedicated to spotlighting the best and hottest new songs across genres and across the globe. For a playlist of all Re-Upped selections, click here. Enjoy the vibes.

Nesta — “Poison”

New York-based Nesta has been quietly making a name for himself in the city’s contemporary R&B scene since 2017’s “Baby.” Influenced by the greats—Lauryn Hill and Nat King Cole—as well as peers in the space—Sampha—he blends classic elements of R&B, soul, and jazz, and takes the rich culture of his Jamaican heritage to produce a sound all his own.

His latest, “Poison,” is a sonic delight despite the pained writing: “You are poison, that’s the truth.” The song thrives overtop a steady guitar melody and measured percussion. Nesta hits a series of high notes before slipping back into his natural register to deliver wrenching verses touching on the frustration of dead-end relationships.

“‘Poison’ is inspired by life lessons I’ve learned in the past, like how looks can be deceiving and how getting too comfortable in toxic relationships can cause you to put a hold on the dreams you want to manifest plus the lifestyle you truly want to live,” Nesta tells Audiomack.

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