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Listen to the Best Reggae & Dancehall of 2018 on Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Audiomack puts together a specially curated playlist of the best reggae and dancehall tracks of 2018.

Dancehall and reggae have seized the popular hip-hop sound. Artists on the mainstream and indie level alike have borrowed from and adapted both genres to craft their own sounds, while simultaneously bringing the genres to a wider US market. While dancehall and reggae have a rich global history, 2018 is a marked year for the genres’ crossover appeal. American audiences are finally paying attention en mass. In an effort to showcase the roots of both genres, and to keep the music in your rotation of-the-soul and authentic, Audiomack has put together a playlist of the best dancehall and reggae tracks of 2018.

Best Reggae & Dancehall of 2018 | Playlist by Audiomack Reggae | AudiomackListen to Best Reggae & Dancehall of 2018 the new playlist from Audiomack

Featuring Popcaan, Masicka, Alkaline, and more artists moving music forward, this playlist is the perfect primer for any music fan interested in the origins of the sounds dominating mainstream American hip-hop. Lineage matters, after all. If a reggae or dancehall artist was moving music forward in 2018, they were doing so on Audiomack. It’s been an amazing year; thanks for riding with us.

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