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Key Tools in the Creator Dashboard

By Audiomack on

Audiomack's advanced Creator Dashboard is an essential tool for artists. It turns your data into insights about your listeners.

When you view your dashboard, certain key metrics pop up immediately, helping you gauge where you’re at on your career journey. Choose the range of data from this week to 12 months in the past and check out the following metrics:

  • Plays
  • Favorites
  • Playlist adds
  • Re-Ups
  • Followers
  • Unique Listeners

Within the Creator Dashboard, you see where on Audiomack your plays are coming from via Play Sources. Next to that is Plays by Geo, where you can toggle between countries and cities to find out where your listeners are.

Below, you'll find out who is listening to your music the most. Top Fans shows you how many times your music has been played by the people most engaged with your music. Top Influencers shows you the most-followed people who play your music.

Top Performing Content shows you your top five uploads, along with associated stats for each. Clicking into this section takes you to the Manage Content page, where you can see and edit all of your private and public uploads.

New in the Creator Dashboard is the ability to manage comments. Make sure to reply to comments and build your fanbase community!

The Creator Dashboard is a powerful, free tool available to all Audiomack creators to help you better understand your audience. Check yours now to see how your recent uploads are doing:


Learn more about the Creator Dashboard and how to analyze your data to understand your audience.

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