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Creators, Manage Comments From Your Dashboard

By Audiomack on

Responding to comments has never been easier! For all users, Audiomack introduces the ability to manage comments on content from their dashboard.

Users can now access “Manage Comments” from their Creator Dashboard, which allows them to view and reply to all the comments they’ve ever received.

Comments can be filtered to see only those which have not yet been given a reply, and sorted by oldest or newest. Users can also report comments that violate our guidelines (no spam, self-promotion, or offensive content), view a comment's overall score, and find the URL to link to a specific comment.

The uploaded content on which a particular comment was left can be referenced and accessed via the content artwork, allowing users to sort by upload.

Learn more about commenting and how to use comments to your advantage as both and artist and a fan.

Learn more about the Creator Dashboard and how to analyze your data to understand your audience.

Artist Guide

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