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JPEGMAFIA Talks Anime Soundtracks and Organic Style with Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

New York’s JPEGMAFIA breaks down his style, the influence of anime soundtracks, and more in a new interview with Audiomack.

Don’t call JPEGMAFIA an alternative rap artist. Affectionately referred to as Peggy, New York’s JPEGMAFIA is too forward-thinking and unapologetic to be labeled anything other than a pioneer. Dropping one of the best albums of 2018, Veteran is an inspired and gritty affair. JPEGMAFIA’s music is a rally cry against complacency — that’s how he keeps moving music forward. Peggy made it up to Audiomack Studios in SoHo to talk his organic style, anime inspiration, and more.

“I keep it organic by listening to a lot of different shit,” JPEGMAFIA explains of his sound. “Organic, for me, is essentially being out of my comfort zone at all times, and then trying to make sense of myself in this weird world.”

In terms of process, Peggy likes to start things off with a warm bath and a smoke. “Then I try to make a beat after that,” he tells us grinning. “That’s basically the process, and I’m usually naked. So anything, any music you hear from me, just know I was naked making it [laughs].”

Check out the full video to hear Peggy rattle off his influences and break down the best performances he’s ever had, and to hear how he keeps moving music forward.

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