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How to Schedule Releases with Audiomack

By Audiomack on

Everyone loves a countdown to greatness. In this case, “greatness” is your latest release.

Audiomack allows you to schedule your releases in advance of drop day, ensuring you peace of mind that your music will be available everywhere on your given release date and time, and stay private until then. To top it off, a release countdown on your album or single page will get fans excited about your upcoming release.

To schedule a release:

  1. Log in to your account and click on the “Upload” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Select your upload type (song, album, or podcast) and click "Next."
  3. Upload your file (note the accepted file types) by clicking on the “Browse to your file” button or by dragging and dropping the file into your browser.
  4. Add artwork, fill in the “basic information” fields, and then click “Next Step.”
  5. Fill in the “metadata” fields, and then click “Next Step.”
  6. Choose your release type.

There are multiple release options:

Public: Your upload will be live and visible to ALL.

Private: Your upload will be live and visible to only YOU. You can create private share links for promotional sharing purposes.


  • SCHEDULE for release at a future date/time, at which time the upload will become automatically made public. Prior to scheduled release, the upload page will contain a release countdown timer, but will not be searchable, playable or viewable on an artist/account page.
  • BACKDATE the release to a past date/time. Backdating a release will make the upload public immediately and is useful for uploading older content and preserving the proper chronological order of releases on an artist/account page.

To schedule or backdate a title for a specific release date, pick a date on the calendar drop-down menu and click "Finish."

Got it? Click here to schedule your next release.

Learn more about using private links here.

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