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Keep Your Private Music Private!

By Audiomack on

Introducing Audiomack’s redesigned private upload pages and a refresher on using private links.

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Sometimes, you make a song and want to instantly share it with the world, shoving your beloved creation down the throats of the masses and ramping up the self-promotion in order to go viral.

That’s not always the case, though. More often than not, you and your music need some privacy. You want to keep things from being seen or heard until the moment you are ready for the world to see and hear them.

This post is all about those things that you won’t see or hear. I’m talking, of course, about our private upload pages, which have been redesigned to make it immediately obvious that your music is private, along with a refresher on how to create and use private links.

What’s new?

Audiomack’s private link pages have been redesigned for peace of mind. The goal: to make it easier to see that your music is private.

We understand that it wasn’t always instantly noticeable that your private music was private. Now, when you upload music but don’t yet want it publicly available, you’ll see a fresh makeover that makes you immediately aware of the track’s private status along with a streamlined abilities to either create a private link for promotional purposes or make the track public.

What does it mean to make my music private?

When uploading music to Audiomack, you have three options for release:


Your upload will be live and visible to ALL.


Your upload will be live and visible to only YOU. Simply select “Make this track private” on the Release tab during the upload process (see below). You can create private share links for promotional sharing purposes (more on this later).


Schedule gives you two options, by using the “Release Date” calendar during the upload process.

You can either:

SCHEDULE for release at a future date/time, at which time the upload will become automatically made public. Prior to scheduled release, the upload page will contain a release countdown timer, but will not be searchable, playable or viewable on an artist/account page.

BACKDATE the release to a past date/time. Backdating a release will make the upload public immediately and is useful for uploading older content and preserving the proper chronological order of releases on an artist/account page.

Why would I want my music private?

Private links allow YOU (the artist/label/creator) to upload music to Audiomack and allow select people to listen to that music prior to release.

By creating and sending a private link (or multiple private links), you can track plays across different marketing channels and/or see which recipients (blogs, labels, etc.) have listened to your music.

How do I create a custom private link?

There are two routes to creating a custom private link. The first is upon completion of the upload process, and the second is from the song or album page.

FROM THE UPLOAD PROCESS: Once you successfully “Save & Finish” an upload, you’ll see an option to either click to go to the URL of your private upload (where only you can listen) or create a custom private link to send to others.

FROM THE SONG OR ALBUM PAGE: As you can see, when looking at the private song or album page, it’s immediately recognizable that the music is set to private. From here, you have the option to make the song public or create a custom private link.

Why Audiomack’s private links instead of (other streaming service)?

Other streaming platforms only allow you to create one private link per upload, which means you can’t track who’s played your song and how many times they’ve done so.

Audiomack allows you to create an unlimited number of custom private links. This means you can make a unique private link for every person and every outlet to whom you’re sending your music.

For example, say you’re an artist prepping the release of your upcoming album and you want to gauge interest from a number of blogs for a possible premiere. Once you upload the album to Audiomack on private, you can create multiple private links, all named after the respective blogs to which you’d like to send them. With a unique link per recipient, you’ll know who has listened and how many times. This is crucial for gauging interest, seeing whether your pitches have been opened or ignored, and knowing the outlet with whom you might need to follow-up.

Custom private links solve a major problem when sharing unreleased music: what happens if your private URL gets leaked to the public. With other services, you’d have to generate a new private link, which means all the pitches you’ve already sent out no longer work. With Audiomack’s private links, you know which link was made public (and who’s responsible) and can disable it immediately, while all of your other private links still work.

What if a blog wants to premiere my project with an exclusive embed?

Audiomack private links allow you to create a custom private embed that is available exclusively for a blog or premiere partner.

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