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Florida Rapper Woop Gives a Lesson in Joint Rolling on Doink-Off w/ Audiomack

By Donna-Claire Chesman on

Can Woop roll the perfect doink? Find out on the Doink-Off.

Welcome to Doink-Off with Audiomack, the new video series where we ask the single most important question in music: can this artist roll the perfect doink?

This time we’ve got Florida’s own Woop, whose impressive run of mixtapes and ability to bounce back from a jail sentence have made him an artist to watch for years. Woop’s music is laced with energy and frayed edges, is hard life music made for the turn up. Between enticing triplet flows and table-rattingling-bass, Woop stands out. But how about his doink rolling skills?

As it turns out, they’re also top notch. Breaking down the Backwood and talking fans through rolling the perfect joint, it seems as if Woop does more than move music forward, he’s also a wealth of doink rolling knowledge. Woop gives out game about the structural integrity and proper build for a joint before we bring in a celebrity judge to put his doink to the test.

“It ain’t no technique when you got this much weed,” he admits. We’ll see about that. Check out the full video to see how Woop’s doink stacks up!

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