This album is titled Wonu because it tells a story through music, and that is what I believe is something I like to do. I wrote an album filled with songs based on emotions I thought people in life go through and how I would see the situation if I was to be in that situation. In a way, I think the album is a message to people out there that it’s okay to love and to show emotions and be filled with passion. The way I use my lyrics expresses a vulnerability that most people are too afraid to show. There are many different sides to me, and this is evident in the way I write, using different styles I portray in my lyrics. This album is an expression of what is in my heart and I hope that all the people who listen to this album feel a sense of that and enjoy every song on the album.

  • Runtime: 28 minutes, 9 songs
  • Release Date: September 25, 2020