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Willie The Kid The Living Daylights

Appropriately entitled 'The Living Daylights' this project is a 13 track venture containing the earthy and whimsical sound of Bronze Nazareth's production and the colorfully complex wizardry of Willie The Kid's literary prose. The collaboration is seemingly long over due as both Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth are natives of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Finally they match wits on a musical landscape which blends the new age boom bap sample driven production from Bronze Nazareth's legendary Wu-Tang Clan infused sound with the intelligently vibrant and intricately street driven disposition of Willie The Kid's bristly rhymes. A promising combination sure to knock the 'living daylights' out of the listener.

  • Producer: Bronze Nazareth
  • Runtime: 35 minutes, 13 songs
  • Release Date: