WildBoyRa Riding With The Plug: No Seatbelts (Da Mixtape)


Riding with the Plug No Seatbelts is 14 year old WildBoyRa's follow up to Building a Nation Release in 2015. This Release demonstrates his growing maturity in the Rap Game as he teams up with DMV Power Players like Swipey, Dutchess of Rap, IAMLUCKEY, Raymoney, Superstar Butta and more......visit www.wildboyra.com to preview the album version of Riding With The Plug, No Seatbelts which contains 5 tracks that are not on the mix tape version...

  • Producer: John Moon, GtheMastermind, Cash Jordan & Majestic Drama
  • Runtime: 58 minutes, 17 songs
  • Release Date: