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Merci (@WhosMerci) Merci - Inclimate Weather (prod. blank)



MUSIC VIDEO: Mixed by @retrokamisama Cover Art by Me Produced by Blank YT: Lyrics: Fighting this pain Smoking this pressure I'm trying hard just to keep it together I done been through the storm and the rain and the weather Puddles of pain, soaked no umbrella Everyday thoughts of k*lling myself But I pray that tomorrow be better Closing my eyes try to dream about cheddar I'm on thin Ice I'm in inclimate weather I need some help, I admit it Need a professional someone whos fitted equipped for the job A lot on my brain, A lot on my top My time down the drain, I still hate my job Trying to sustain, I'm praying for change I feel so estranged, somebody come help How come nobody dont donate the wealth How come it feels like I'm

  • Producer: Blank
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