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1Bounce THE Album - Thoughts Hinder Every1


Who would’ve thought , i would make an album in 2015… i had a dream couple months back & woke up one day and told myself that i can’t wait any longer. I can’t wait for these big name artists to come around, i can’t wait for these labels to come flockin.. i just couldn’t wait.. I have to make MY own shit pop, create MY OWN opportunities, Chase My Own Dreams , Instead of sitting back and waiting for shit… Once i got into that mentality, it was a wrap.. i had tunnel vision again, i had my focus back, i was actually having fun making music again. Bcus i was making my own shit , with artists who i fuck with, instead of trynna make shit for “such an such”. We Did This For The City! 816 On My Back Til' I Croak.. -uno

  • Producer: 1Bounce
  • Runtime: 42 minutes, 12 songs
  • Release Date: