NOM Pérignon Esoteric Allusions

Wavy Xavy

Esoteric Allusions is the second mixtape release from 22 year old ".nuLOVE" collective member, Seattle resident and Davenport, IA, native NOM Perignon (formerly known as just NOM). This project will demonstrate not only his life and the lives of those from his home mid-west region, but also his growth as an artist in comparison to his previous 2013 project entitled Lucid. Esoteric Allusions is a collection of just that "allusions" songs that reference his town, family, friends, his self and his hip hop influences. The "esoteric" part of the title is there to note that the artistry isn't meant to appeal to or be understood by everyone.

  • Producer: Jharee, Afta-1, J. Dilla, Tae Beast & Boonie Mayfield
  • Runtime: 54 minutes, 14 songs
  • Release Date: April 21, 2015