Vusi Alphaa Well Wishes

Hailing all the way from Limpopo in Venda, Vusi Alphaa is back with his 2nd mixtape #WellWishes. an 18 track project where The Urban Venda raps about, Life in the city, as a young boy that grew up in venda and him making it big and being considred as one of the hottest young rappers to look out for,his lyrics are 80% in English & 20% in Tshivenda. Vusi Alphaa is one of the hotttest rappers out. with hits such as 6PM in Venda & Onaka. Well Wishes mixtape is a must hear,

  • Producer: Vusi Alphaa
  • Runtime: 65 minutes, 18 songs
  • Release Date: February 8, 2017