Circus-P Poltergeist (+ Bank Download)



Original song: Circus-P Mix + Cover + Basically everything: List by: PaintedCz OTOing: siRYAN Art by: & 6Lin Special thanks: __________________________________________________________________________ Originally Posted on SoundCloud on: 25th December, 2018 __________________________________________________________________________ So the VB was recorded in Summer of 2017 and it was finally OTOed around the end of Summer 2018, and finally now it is released!! AERIS is voiced from a high school friend of mine ( and I'm very happy it's finally released. It's the first English VB that Aeris' VP ever recorded, and as a result it might suffer from a few errors, I appologize. This VB is a kind of Kire-ish type VB recorded on A3, E4, and B4. Similar to AIDA's VCCV English VB, this VB has a lot of Extras added into it, as well as EVEC for the vowels and end breaths. Please see the Readme in the VB for more details. ____________________________________________________________ VB link:!CJ1ShY4B!nS7Vpuq1RkzGo2QB60KRt3QD8ERjzzwHiO18f24N6jI

  • Producer: Circus-P
  • Release Date: December 24, 2018

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